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Gut and Brain 


When the gut "talks" the body and brain listens....

A Natural Approach to your child's developmental needs

Establishment in 1967, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) was the first to start the movement for autism biomedical treatment approach and had great success. The Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) movement was created by ARI in 1995 with the intention to gather information from specialists all around the world to find better methods to treat autism. Scientists and physicians with expertise in psychiatry, neurology, immunology, biochemistry, and gastroenterology joined together to find natural treatments for children with autism. These conferences have produced a base of physicians who wish to employ a rational, scientifically sound approach to the diagnosis and treatment of autism, and who regard psychoactive drugs as their last choice, not their first.

In 2010, ARI changed to MAPS and also changed the name from DAN! to MAPS. The message and passion to help children with autism and/or special needs never changed and only continued to strive to find better methods and treatments that are natural and safe so your child reaches his or her potential. Our biomedical approach is based on understanding that scientists and physicians are just one part of the whole in finding better ways to treat the underlining cause of autism. MAPS believes that their work comes alive when parents join together with comments on what works best for their children. Together, a powerful surge developed, as two worlds joined with the sole intention to treat each and every child with a specialized treatment protocol suited for their needs. As many parents confirmed that these treatments created great gains within their child’s life, a movement occurred within the autism world. The MAPS approach continues to flourish around the world because of people like you who are determined to help these child blossom from the inside out.

For more information about the Autism Research Institute or Defeat Autism Now! visit their web site at:

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Dr. Angela Karvounis, D.C.



1. Many parents feel overwhelmed and lost on their journey to find the best treatments for their child with developmental disabilities. The mission at Developmental Crossroads is to ease each parent on their jSpecialized treatment plans: Each child’s symptoms are so unique. From stomach pains to constipation and detoxification issues, many children need specialized treatment plans that need to be monitored on a weekly basis. Services at Developmental Crossroads require a close relationship with the parents and the child so each and every step in the child’s progress is monitored and changes are made accordingly.

2. Education: It is important that each parent is involved in the development of the Defeat Autism Now! protocol. Without the parent understanding the steps in the process of healing the gastrointestinal tract and the importance of detoxification methods, progress is minimized. When a team approach develops between the doctor and the parents, a commitment develops that grows roots around the child’s potentials. When parents are 100% committed, a community develops that is so essential in your child’s life. 

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