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Stage Two: GI Barriers

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract should only provide nutrient rich substances into the blood stream such as amino acids, fatty acids, specific sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, ect.) and vitamins which are vital to provide energy and proper nutrition to the human body. It also provides a barrier to keep unwanted particles that are foreign to the body from entering the blood stream. If substances such as undigested food particles, toxins excreted from bacteria or yeast, chemical toxins ingested such as pesticides, artificial food coloring and dyes enter the blood stream, the barrier that was once there to protect the body has been "broken" and necessary steps are needed to restore balance in the body.

When the GI tract is unhealthy, many of these substances below are thrown off balance or are toxic to the body. Once these toxins enter the blood, the body's natural antioxidants and detoxification system takes over. But for some children on the autistic spectrum, this process may be diminished due for specific reasons that are shown below and the cycle of toxicity with continue. Such deficiencies or abnormalities of the gut may include:

Enzyme Deficiency

Dysbiosis: Yeast/Bacteria Imbalance

Yeast overgrowth

Bacteria overgrowth


IgE response

Food Intolerances

IgG response

Autonomic Nervous System

Mucous Abnormalities


Ph Imbalance


Chemical Toxins


Food colors/artificial ingredients



Heavy metals


Healing the gut is the first step on the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol. A healthy gut allows nutrients to be absorbed in the body, keeps toxins out of the blood stream, and keep a healthy balance of microflora (yeast and bacteria) in the gut for optimal health. Before specific detoxification supplements begins, many special diets are needed to facilitate the gut healing.

Stage 3: Detoxification--Methylation and Transulfuration Pathways

Contact Developmental Crossroads before starting any new diet/supplement.