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Gut and Brain 


Our Services

Initial Consultation

2 to 3 hours initial consultation.  We will go over all history about your child from the time first symtoms started up to the present day.  Must be in office.  Please call for more details.  An email will be sent to you to welcome you to our office portal to download all information prior to the appointment.

  • $500 fee

Daily consultation​

Once a program is set up for your child, we will be in constant communication via our HEALTHIE portal.  Unlimited texts, calls and visits to the office are part of the monthly consultation.  Our goal is that you will NEVER feel lost in any of the treatment plans.  Most of the consulting is done by texting, zoom or phone calls so most of our services is virtual.

  • $300 Monthly fee (unliminited text, calls, and visits) OR
  • $150 fee per consultation

Supplements and testing

You will be guided each and every way to make adding supplements into your child's diet easy.  We will go over, in detail what you will be looking for whenever we add or increase a supplement.  You will always have my direct line is you have any questions, day or night.

  • Additional fee for supplements and testing

Please call the number below to get started today!